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I recently happened upon Ecosia. If you've yet to come across it, Ecosia is a search engine that uses its advertising revenue to plant trees. So far, just by doing the online searches I'd normally have done, over a period of less than 2 months, I've enabled the planting of 22 trees!

This got me thinking. I'm lucky enough to have a bit of land where I live in Carmarthenshire. At best it's meadow pasture, but I don't keep any livestock, and the majority of my extended family are vegan so I'd be loath even to allow my neighbours to graze on it. As such, it basically just sits there doing nothing. So, why not plant some trees?

My novel Colony is an action thriller. But those of you who've read it may have picked up on the fact that there's also an allegorical dimension. Put simply, the only reason the team are able to access Harmsworth island is because of the melting of the polar ice as a result of climate change. In a very real sense it is climate change that is to blame for everything bad that happens in the novel.

By my estimation there's room to plant 1000 trees, and I'd be happy to do it. 

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